Chimique™ Roasted Guar Korma is a specialized product developed by optimizing the roasting temperature to deactivate the Trypsin Inhibitor, a serine protease inhibitor that reduces trypsin’s biological activity. Trypsin is crucial for protein breakdown during digestion in humans and animals. This product boasts an excellent protein content exceeding 55%, with enhanced protein solubility and digestibility for poultry and aqua animals. Manufactured in our Haryana Plant with an annual production capacity of 15,000 M.T Chimique™ Roasted Guar Korma undergoes ISO 9001:2001 and HACCP quality assurance. It’s Non-GMO certified with negligible Aflatoxin levels, meeting European standards. free from adulterants, mold, and contaminants, it offers superior nutrition comparable to soybean meal, with higher protein solubility and digestibility.

  • Animal Feed: High-protein supplement in feed for poultry, cattle, and aquaculture, enhancing growth and productivity.
  • Poultry Feed: Improves protein content and digestibility for better growth and egg production.
  • Aquafeed: Supports growth and feed efficiency in fish and shrimp farming.
  • Livestock Feed: Enhances nutrition for dairy cattle, buffaloes, and ruminants, optimizing milk production.
  • Nutritional Supplements: Provides concentrated protein and nutrients for animal health.
  • Industrial Applications: Potential use in biofuel production and manufacturing processes.
  • Balanced and Optimal Amino Acid Profile
  • High Protein Digestibility Index (>95%) and Low Digestive Fibre Content
  • Elevated Energy Content and Fat Percentage
  • Free from Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Rich in Crude Protein (>55%)
  • Non-GMO, Completely Natural Agricultural Product
  • Reduced Less Digestible Fibre Content
  • Cost-Effective and Convenient Handling

Container Liner/Bulk (22 M.T.) Bags / Jumbo Bags (1000 kilo) /Small Bag (50 Kilo).

OIL 5-8%
FIBRE 4-6%
AFLATOXIN < 20 pcb
COLOR Golden Brown
ENERGY 3500-4000 Kcal/100 gm