Guar korma is the residual product obtained from milling guar seeds (Cyamopsis Tetragonolobus) after the removal of guar gum, comprising primarily the germ part of the seed. It is granular in form, with a size ranging from 2 to 3 mm, and serves as an excellent cattle feed due to its high protein content, exceeding 45%. With a protein solubility of over 85%, guar korma significantly enhances the nutritional value of animal feed. Manufactured at our Haryana plant, Chimique™ guar korma undergoes rigorous quality control measures. Our facility is ISO 9001:2001 and HACCP certified, ensuring adherence to strict quality standards. Non-GMO certified and with negligible aflatoxin levels below European standards, our product is free from adulterants, musty odors, fungus, insect infestation, and lumps. It is also devoid of dirt and other extraneous matter, including metallic pieces.

  • Cattle Feed: Guar korma is essential in balanced feed for dairy cattle, buffaloes, and ruminants, enhancing growth, milk production, and overall health due to its high protein content.
  • Poultry Feed: Boosts protein and nutrition in poultry diets, improving growth rates, egg production, and performance in chickens, ducks, and other poultry birds.
  • Aquafeed: Used in fish and shrimp farming to provide vital nutrients, promoting growth and efficiency in aquatic species.
  • Animal Supplements: Guar korma supplements offer concentrated protein and essential nutrients, supporting health and productivity in livestock and poultry.

Container Liner/Bulk (22 M.T.) Bags / Jumbo Bags (1000 kilo) /Small Bag (50 Kilo).

PROTEIN 45-48%
OIL 3-5%
FIBRE 5-8%
AFLATOXIN < 20 pcb
COLOR Greenish Brown
ENERGY 3000-3500 Kcal/100 gm