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What We Offer

Chimique India Ltd is India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Guar Gum powder and Guar Meal across the world. Since our establishment in 1981, we have been at the forefront of manufacturing native and derivatized Guar Gum. At Chimique India Ltd, quality is our top priority, and we ensure that our Guar Gum products are meticulously packaged to preserve their delicate properties for extended periods. With our strategically located distribution centers in Houston (USA), Brake (Germany) and Calgary (Canada), we maintain a ready inventory to ensure swift delivery and offer competitive prices. Our commitment is to provide superior products with unmatched service that exceeds industry standards.

Chimique Phytokem is a dynamic startup and a technical offshoot of Chimique India on a mission to contribute to the global community manufacturing novel, clean label ingredients to meet the ever-growing demands of the Food & Beverages and Nutraceutical Sectors. Leveraging the diverse bio resources available in India and harnessing the power of biotechnology, Chimique Phytkoem develops unique solutions that cater to the global market.

The core product line includes Plant Protein, Dietary Fibre, Xanthan Gum, Plant Oligosaccharides and Locust Bean Gum Substitute. From meat analogues to beverages and confectionery, the versatile offerings are essential in many food formulations. Phytokem’s dedicated team of scientists, specialists, and visionaries strive for progress and innovation, infusing expertise and passion into everything it does. Embrace the future of plant products with Chimique Phytokem and experience commitment to excellence, integrity, and sustainability in serving global markets. To know more about Chimique Phytokem’s products, visit: www.chimiquephytokem.com.

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