Guar churi is the residual product obtained from milling guar seeds (Cymopsis Tetragonolobus) after removing guar gum, comprising mainly the germ and hull parts of the seed. It is typically in the form of coarse powder, approximately 40 mesh in size, and serves as excellent cattle feed due to its high protein content, exceedinG 35%, which significantly boosts the feed’s nutritional value.

Chimique™ guar churi is produced at our Haryana Plant, with an annual production exceeding 25,000 M.T. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and holds accreditations for ISO 9001:2001 and HACCP quality assurance systems.

Our product is Non-GMO certified and maintains negligible aflatoxin levels, below the detection limits prescribed by European standards. It undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it is free from adulterants, musty odors, fungal contamination, insect infestation, lumps, dirt, and any extraneous matter, including metallic pieces.

  • Livestock Feed: Guar churi is an essential component in balanced feed formulations for dairy cattle, buffaloes, goats, and other ruminants, offering vital nutrients and proteins crucial for growth, development, and milk production.
  • Poultry Feed: Used to boost the protein content and nutritional value of poultry diets, guar churi enhances growth rates, egg production, and overall health in chickens, ducks, and other poultry species.
  • Aquafeed: Incorporated into aquafeed formulations, guar churi provides a protein-rich source of nutrition for fish and shrimp, supporting their growth and improving feed efficiency in aquaculture operations.
  • Animal Supplements: Guar churi is utilized in the production of nutritional supplements for livestock and poultry, offering a concentrated protein source and essential nutrients to promote health and vitality.

Container Liner/Bulk (22 M.T.) Bags / Jumbo Bags (1000 kilo) /Small Bag (50 Kilo).

PROTEIN 30-35%
OIL 2-3%
FIBRE 8-12%
AFLATOXIN < 20 pcb
COLOR Greyish Coarse Powder 
ENERGY 2500-3000 Kcal/100 gm