Maize Gluten, also known as corn gluten meal (CGM), is a by-product of maize (corn) processing obtained through centrifugation, filtering, and drying of the slurry from corn refining stages. It consists primarily of insoluble protein with minimal starch and fiber fractions. With its high protein content, nutrient density, and energy quotient, it’s widely used in animal feed, particularly in poultry, aquaculture, pigs, and cattle.

  • Poultry Feed: CGM is highly digestible, offering an energy value of ME 4131K Cal/kg, making it a staple in poultry diets. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, methionine, and xanthophylls, crucial for skin and yolk pigmentation.
  • Cattle Feed: CGM is favored for cattle due to their complex digestive systems. Its fiber-rich composition meets their dietary needs, and they are less particular about the protein quality.
  • Handling and Storage: CGM should be stored in closed containers in a dry, ventilated area, away from moisture and wet surfaces, and shielded from physical damage and extreme heat.

Overall, Maize Gluten plays a vital role in meeting the nutritional protein requirements of poultry, cattle, and aquaculture industries worldwide, offering a reliable and nutrient-rich feed option.

Container Liner/Bulk (22 M.T.) Bags / Jumbo Bags (1000 kilo) /Small Bag (50 Kilo).

PROTEIN 60% Min 55% Min
FIBRE 3% Max 3% Max
SAND/SILICA 1% Max 1% Max
AFLATOXIN < 20 pcb < 20 pcb
COLOR Golden Brown Golden Brown
ENERGY 3000-3500 KCAL/100 GMS 3000-3500 KCAL/100 GMS